WMPlugins 6.6.10 Release

April 15, 2022

Announcing the release of version 6.6.10 of the WMPlugins a suite of opensource plugins that extend the opensource seismic interpretation system OpendTect. This release is built against OpendTect 6.6.7.

The release includes the following changes:


Nans and Infs generated during the calculation of the attributes are converted to OpendTect Undefined, fixing a crash.


Two new attributes have been added that use Empirical Fourier Decomposition (Zhou etal(2019). The two attributes generate the mode decomposition and a spectral decomposition from the mode decomposition. These provide a signal analysis akin to Empirical Mode Decomposition. A subsequent post will look at these new attributes in detail and compare the new spectral decomposition option with the existing WMPlugin tools such as Recursive spectral decomposition and Spectral decomposition by local attribute.

Empirical Fourier Mode/Spectral Decomposition

Empirical Fourier Mode/Spectral Decomposition

External attributes

This release fixes a crash when loading an attribute set with either a non-existent python interpreter or attribute script and now reports syntax errors from the script when building the UI via a UI message box. Previously these errors were recorded in the OpendTect log file but the user did not get any direct feedback that an issue was encountered.

Improved error reporting in the External Attribute plugin

Improved error reporting in the External Attribute plugin

Also fixed various issues with the included wmpy scripts to make them compatible with the versions of Python modules installed by the OpendTect installation manager.

Mistie Analysis

Fixed a crash when estimating misties for depth surveys.

wmodpy - OpendTect Python Bindings

A decision was made to discontinue development of these within WMPlugins in favour of moving the code into the dGB managed OpendTect open source code repository system on Github. The new repository will be called “odpybind”.