I am available to assist clients with all stages of their exploration and appraisal workflows either stand-alone or embedded within the clients existing teams providing geological/geophysical data analysis, report/regulator submission preparations and JV/management presentations.

I can bring to your projects 38+ years of experience in petroleum exploration and development spanning Australia, Asia, New Zealand, Africa and the Middle East and a diverse skill set covering seismic acquisition, processing and interpretation, regional play assessment, prospect and lead generation and new ventures evaluation.

Having directly contributed to hydrocarbon discoveries in Australia, Indonesia, Yemen, Tunisia and Papua New Guinea and possessing substantial experience across both subtle (low relief closures and stratigraphic plays) and complex (wrench, thrust and salt tectonics) plays, I can positively enhance your exploration outcomes.


I am the leading contributor of open source plugins to the OpendTect seismic interpretation and visualization platform. These 10+ plugins extend OpendTect with attributes for AVO analysis, structure oriented filtering, spectral decomposition and a Python programming interface. Other plugins, 2D-3D horizon gridding, mistie analysis and correction and GIS data export, enhance OpendTect for general seismic interpretation workflows.

I can develop proprietary plugins for clients wishing to extend OpendTect.

With substantial experience using most of the major exploration software packages, I can advise clients on best practices for data management or migration and, where necessary, implement bespoke software solutions to efficiently drive data management/migration workflows.

I can advise on the use of open source software in exploration whether it is GIS, seismic interpretation or seismic processing.

I offer bespoke technical software development in the C, C++, Python or Javascript languages on both Linux and Windows.