First Release of Python Bindings to OpendTect

The 6.6.8 release of the wmPlugins includes a Python module, wmodpy, to access OpendTect survey and well information. Unlike OpendTect’s existing odpy module, wmodpy is a direct binding to the OpendTect C++ code.

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Seismic Modelling and Inversion using PyLops based Python External Attributes

The 6.6.8 release of the wmPlugins includes a number of new Python external attribute scripts that use the PyLops linear operator library for seismic modelling and inversion. These scripts also demonstrate the use of the new user interface parameter elements introduced in the 6.6.8 release of the External Attribute plugin.

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GPU vs CPU Benchmarks for OpendTect Attribute Plugins

Summary The potential to offload calculations to the graphics processing unit (GPU) on modern graphics cards is a trending topic. I was curious if this could also apply to seismic attribute calculation in OpendTect, so I implemented AVO polarization angle estimation as described by Mahob and Castagna (2003) using 3 different approaches: using loops for all the linear algebra and OpendTect’s multi dimensional arrays (ArrayNDImpl) which I refer to as the Normal method; using the Eigen linear algebra C++ template library (the Eigen method) and using the ArrayFire linear algebra library for GPU’s (the ArrayFire method).

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