WMPlugins 6.6.10 Release

Announcing the release of version 6.6.10 of the WMPlugins a suite of opensource plugins that extend the opensource seismic interpretation system OpendTect. This release is built against OpendTect 6.6.7.

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GPU vs CPU Benchmarks for OpendTect Attribute Plugins

Summary The potential to offload calculations to the graphics processing unit (GPU) on modern graphics cards is a trending topic. I was curious if this could also apply to seismic attribute calculation in OpendTect, so I implemented AVO polarization angle estimation as described by Mahob and Castagna (2003) using 3 different approaches: using loops for all the linear algebra and OpendTect’s multi dimensional arrays (ArrayNDImpl) which I refer to as the Normal method; using the Eigen linear algebra C++ template library (the Eigen method) and using the ArrayFire linear algebra library for GPU’s (the ArrayFire method).

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