This is the documentation site for various plugins and external attribute scripts I have developed for the open source seismic interpretation system OpendTect. The plugins are made available under the terms of the GNU General Public License Version 3.


AVOAttrib 6 attributes based on different parameterizations of reflection intercept and gradient
AVOPolarAttrib 6 attributes derived from AVO Polarization in the AVO Intercept-Gradient crossplot
ExternalAttrib create attributes in a scripting language like Python
GeopackageDisplay display lines and polylines in a Geopackage database on an OpendTect 3D horizon
GeopackageExport export OpendTect data to a GeoPackage database
GeotiffExport export OpendTect 3D horizon and attribute data to a GeoTIFF image
GradientAttrib calculate inline, crossline and time/depth gradients
Grid 2D-3D Horizon creates a 3D horizon/grid from 2D and 3D horizon interpretation
LocalAttrib various attributes based on Fomel's local attribute algorithm from the Madagascar package
MLVFilterAttrib structure preserving spatial filter by mean of least variance filter
Mistie edit/apply Z shifts, phase rotations and amplitude corrections to seismic data
RSpecAttrib spectral (time-frequency) decomposition using recursive filters
WMTools miscellaneous tools for OpendTect

External Attribute Scripts

AVO Intercept and Gradient estimate AVO intercept and gradient from angle stacks
Add Noise add gaussian distributed noise to an input
Dip and Azimuth various scripts to estimate orientation
LPA Smoothing structure preserving spatial filter by local polynomial approximation
Spatial Filter - Circular lowpass, highpass, bandpass or band reject circularly symmetric spatial filters
Spatial Filter - Rectangular lowpass, highpass, bandpass or band reject rectangular spatial filters
Time Delay Estimation measure time shifts between volumes using correlation
Vector Filter vector filter orientation (inline and crossline dip) data
ZC Block blocks a seismic trace between zero crossings